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Welcome, members of the Green Party.  You can sign up now and add your information to start your own web page.

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If you would like to see a demonstration of this site, you may login above with the username demo and that is also the password. There, you can see all the features of the site as a user. If you want to see how your page looks to visitors, Click Here. Be aware that we do not add information to this demo site and please keep your postings respectful.

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I'm very proud that I helped provide sound for the nominating meeting at the National Convention in Baltimore. That's my microphone everyone is using and those are my sound speakers you might see in the background. Just proof that if a DJ can contribute to a Green Party victory, everyone can contribute something to our victory. This is the raw footage so if you don't want to hear the music I played during the breaks, you can skip ahead!

Watch live streaming video from greenpartyus at livestream.com

Get A Custom Button from us FREE

I made a template in PhotoShop that I can easily make a custom button for your web site. Even if you do not need any services from Local Green Party, we would be happy to make you a banner like the ones below for your site. Just let us know and we will make you one for free and with no obligation.
greens on the web greens on the web greens on the web greens on the web

Why Do You Need A Web Site

Everybody wants to find out more about businesses and organizations through the web.  That means, if you want to be recognized as a legitimate group, you must have a web site.  The trouble with this fact is that web sites cost money and require a certain amount of technical expertise to maintain.  As a member of the Green Party and an experienced web designer, I would like to make sure that every local Green chapter has a web presence.

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Remember: You can use some or all of these functions.  You can even use these options on your own web site

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I also made a web site for brides to find last minute wedding deals on all vendors

Local Green Party is a web site run by the same person who created and runs New Menu, Green Party Candidates, a web site which also offers free web space for Greens.

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