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You have choosen to register a new group with Local Green Party. Please make sure that:
  • Your local chapter is not already registered. Even if there is a problem with your existing registration, do not register again. Contact us.
  • Your local chapter does not have a web site. This is for the official web site of local chapters, not a secondary or social network site.
  • You are the official representative from your chapter. If you are not a recognized officer of the group, you will need one of them to confirm that you are authorized to represent your group.

We DO NOT use secure servers. This means that you should not use the same password here that you would use for online banking or other high security web sites.

You will need a username for yourself and one for the group. The characters in either may only contain lowercase letters and numbers. We highly recommend making the username for the group simple and easy to remember. Many features of our site will require your visitors to use that username.
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